View Full Version : lighting or filtration problem?

04/19/2016, 07:34 PM
I have some old lights that came with my tank, they are 36 inch coralife t5s, with 2 white and 2 blue 36 inch bulbs 120w. They have been recently replaced within the last 3 months.

I feel like they may not be pent rating the water enough or are just not pumping out enough light for my corals. I was considering buying a new light setup because I really want my coral to thrive and have had very poor success.

I do weekly water changes of 5 percent use instant reef salt have a strong filtration sump skimmer etc.

The only success I have had with corals have been zoas and green star polyps, the green star have been alive for about a month without any visible growth. Zoas lived about 4 months before slowly slowly disappearing.

My water levels are darn near perfect. I have tried target feeding my corals and about a month ago ended up with way too any small fish in my tank.

I think, although am by no means an expert, that my coral issue lies in either the lighting or over filtration of my water. My phosphate/nitrate levels are exceptionally low.

I have 3 1 inch female anthias 2 inch yellow tang 1 to 2 inch coral angel, pink pseudo, 2 inch goby, 1 inch thing like a goby but very similar mannerism and physiology.... brain fart on name, small green chrome, numerous snails, conchs, an urchin, and a decorative shrimp. Together with the target feeding I feel like there should probably be a lot of food to be filtered, but I'm really not sure base of my low levels.

I add surplus calcium weekly. I also run a 10 hour blue light 6 hour white light. Salt and temp levels are very static.

Any help and suggestions on lighting would be great! I love corals and really want to make my tank beautiful for my critters!

I would prefer not too pay more than 200 for the lighting setup.

Thanks for reading!