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04/21/2016, 02:02 AM
Hello I'm Andrea from Milan Italy.
I want start a new tank here in my shop only for SPS corals (it's a sales corals tank), and want use AF products.

My tank is 350lt, Skimmer Nyos Quantum 160, T5 8X54W Diuna Pacificsun, 20/25KG Live rocks, and i used water 50% new with Af Reef Salt and 50% from other my tank(i used AF Reef Salt too),at the moment don't have Probiotic Salt, and start with that, next week arriving Probiotic, it's better doing a change of 100t with probiotic, or can run with this water now?
I just filled a media filter with 300g Zeo Mix, 300ml Phosphate Minus, 300ml Carbon.

Now, if understand right the Guide, I have to dosing 3/4drops Bio S for 14 days, right?then stopping to dosing?
and after 14 days start to dosing NP PRO, PRO BIO S, PRO BIO F, daily?
after 14 days i have to starting also a Balling with Component +1,+2,+3.
it's all right?
Do you have any advice?? ;)

04/21/2016, 02:55 AM
Thank You for Your question.
As You wrote:

Use Bio S for start - after 14 days add Pro Bio S with -NP Pro. Do not stop to dose Bio S - You Can use that also - to finish bottle.
Component 1+2+3+ You Can use if Your corals will need it. Dosage according to consume on of macronutrients (Ca, Kh, Mg).

Please, show us some photos!:)

04/21/2016, 05:52 AM
Thanks For your answer!!asap put some Photos!!