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04/21/2016, 08:40 AM
ok guys im looking for a way to moove water between 2 tanks that sit side by side , head preasure is my least concearn so im looking something like an ehein compact 2000 or sicce syncra 1.5 but without the price tag , isnt that a power head ? which are the lowest sound and heat productive that ofcourse want cost as the return pumps mentioned , thx in advance

04/21/2016, 09:17 AM
look at tunze pumps, very quiet and great quality. but are you wanting to just move water from 1 tank to the other but not back? otherwise if your plan was to use 2 pumps to transfer water back and forth between tanks that is a very bad idea as you will never match the flow rate and one tank will fill up faster than the other and you will end up with a flood.

04/21/2016, 01:26 PM
Rio pumps are good too and good price

04/21/2016, 02:39 PM
Not sure about the Eheim compact pumps. I read in the forums their not really Eheim but rebranded. Go with Sicce.

04/21/2016, 11:40 PM
Not sure about the Eheim compact pumps. I read in the forums their not really Eheim but rebranded. Go with Sicce.

yeah man eheim = made in prc , if u buy made in prc better pay for that

heres my story guys, building an aquarium on a budget in my bedroom had to utilise whatever was still workable from my 2006 teared down reef and buy key equipment that will allow me to run the aquarium at night aka quitely , i have the older pumps working at day only and the newer , suposingly quiter run 24/24 , in my wishlist was an air pump too since an old one is working but with great nise and a eheim 200 barelly working and producing a " two stroke engine " like noise , in the meantime i figured out that if i let the pump sit vertically and not as intented it works super quite , back to the water pumps , the 1st thing i bought for the new aquarium was an eheim compact 300 as for the 24/24 return pump providing me a ~X10 circulation in the dt , i have an old jbl400 , a sicce micron and a couple more which i dont remember what they are , testin the new eheim i returned it back cause it was producing a buzzing noise thinking its a deflect , the lfs guy although in a bit of doubt accepted the trade so i grabed a tunze 300l/h which prooved a bit louder than the eheim , if i open the lid and let it sit on sponge its ok , not quite but ok , the jbl400 which had spent around 3-4 years in my old reef and about 10 years waiting is trully quiet ,ihave both of them and another ~600l/h as for return pumps , the think is im goin to utilise another tank in series and im gonna use the tunze in there and i wanna replace the 300l/h and the 600l/h noisy one BUT im also planning on a bigger DTand i wanna get something for this so im looking for something closer to 1.5-2kl/h , on top of that i want to avoid the wattages a return pump needs to reach water in heights both for noise and heat production , i know a sure bet would be a sicce syncra 1.5-2 , but before i pay 70-90 euros for something that i cant gain from what it is ( raising water with the least effort ) im aslking if u know where i can find what i seek