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04/25/2016, 07:27 AM
A few months back. Probably 4 I was at a small fish shop in Burlington vt. The last one of the day. Was kind of discouraged because I went out there to find out that the store I travelled 3.5 hours for no longer existed or were closing and move locations. So I was tipped off to this last place. I got there and saw cool things it was like a kid in a candy shop. So I picked out a few things a maroon clown and then I saw the gobies. I had been thinking about getting one in the past. So I said why not. So I asked to get one of them and the owner promptly said I won't sell just one there a pair. You have to take both. So being short on funds already I said oh well that's ok. I'll pass and came back with well I'll give em both to you for the price of one. So I agreed. And while looking at them I was like how does he know there a pair they were to small for me to tell. Both were the same size and same color so I just went along with it thinking maybe they just liked to pal around together and he didn't want to seperate them. So I journeyed back to my house got them all set up in qt for a few months. Watched them everyday finally putting them in the dt. Started noticing one was growing faster and getting darker. So I said maybe he was onto something. I had no intentions of breeding them. I just like pairs of things.

To make a long story short last month I noticed she was getting large in the belly and it wasn't from feeding. So I kept watching and last week the male never came out of the cave so while I was doing a watcher change a couple nights ago I looked from behind the tank into the cave and I couldn't believe my eyes I saw a quick glimpse of what looked like a clutch of eggs suspended from the rock. I freaked out and scared my wife half to death. So I started doing some reading and took the rock out with the eggs and put them in a seperate tank. Thinking I had 4 days to find food 4 them when they hatched I went about my business and looking for things to feed them and finding really only the s strain of Rotifers were suitable so I started tracking them down and in the back of my head maybe thinking there were alternatives. And still thinking I have 4 days to get this together to give them the best chance. Well yesterday morning I turned the light on and they were hatching little ywg swimming around a 5 gallon tank. So now I was really feeling the pressure because now I have less time and I have nothing to feed them

This morning I turned the light on and noticed not all hatched and we're starting to get a fungus. So I maybe have 30 all together that are alive. Any incite and help would be appreciated

04/25/2016, 12:50 PM

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05/04/2016, 08:16 PM
Awesome , maybe aerating the eggs will prevent them from getting fungus... At least that's what is commonly done with clownfish eggs.

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05/05/2016, 08:14 AM
No helpful input but I just wanted to say that's awesome/cool story. Hope you can raise the fry, please keep this thread updated. Good luck!

05/05/2016, 08:33 AM
A few days after tht pic they were all dead. The fry too I fed egg yoke cuz that's what I heard was good to try but that night everything was dead but the parents have there own tank now and waiting for the next batch

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05/12/2016, 02:52 PM
Did you travel 3.5 hours to go to VT Aqua? Glad that place closed, it really went downhill after Joel sold it.

Anyway - why did the fry die? Was it fungus, did they deplete their egg sacs, or did the egg yoke foul the water?

Next time, split them up and try a starvation trial on one group. You need some sort of live food for these guys from the little research I've done.

05/12/2016, 02:57 PM
No I went green mountain coral and pet advantage but the highlight was gmc

The eggs died bc I turned the filter off bc some started to hatch and didn't want them to get sucked up and the fry died bc the egg yoke fouled the water. I wasn't really prepared for them to have eggs at the time. But I am nowhttp://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/20160512/592db4bb0b96c56d945dc2e7fe53f4d4.jpg

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06/17/2016, 06:48 PM
Awesome job on getting them to spawn. You must have some happy gobies!

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06/17/2016, 06:49 PM
Unfortunately I haven't had another batch since I moved them from my 75 gallon dt

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