View Full Version : Enriching baby brine shrimp?

Lou Young
04/25/2016, 09:20 AM
I have been using Rotifers and Otohime for the last 2 years but I would like to experiment and add enriched BBS to my clownfish larve diet. I have a small BBS hatchery I made and I have the eggs and Selco. What's a good technique to enrich the BBS?
Thanks Lou.

04/28/2016, 02:47 PM
I like using Dan's Feed (It's made for seahorse fry but I'm sure clownfish fry can benefit from it as well). It uses Algamac in it which is an dried algae that has great HUFA's with a high DHA to EPA ratio. Which is needed by all marine fish. I also do enrich with live phyto. I use T ISO as it has a high DHA to EPA ratio as well.

04/29/2016, 08:39 AM
Lou, I would echo Mo2's feedback. Dan's feed is a fantastic enrichment. Algamac red or 2000 by themselves will also work well if all you are after is a high DHA/EPA ratio. You can also enrich rotifers with Dan's feed.

Lou Young
04/29/2016, 08:49 AM
Thanks for the info guys. What's the Algamac red?