View Full Version : First Two Weeks, Blueberry Seafan Rapid Growth

kenny b
05/03/2016, 12:28 AM
Two weeks ago, I purchased a blueberry seafan from my LFS. I'm very happy to report that not only is the colony feeding well but the growth has been rapid. About 3/4 inch of new tissue and many new polyps have appeared at the base in 15 days. It is in my SPS dominant 110g reef under an overhang.

kenny b
05/03/2016, 12:30 AM
Second photo

kenny b
05/03/2016, 12:37 AM
Easier to see the growth

05/03/2016, 09:46 AM
Impressive, they are very hard to keep alive at all. Are you directly feeding them? Can you give us some info on your tank parameters, etc.?

kenny b
05/03/2016, 06:29 PM
Yes. Here is a quick summary. I can go into more detail if anyone is interested.

The blueberry seafan pictured lives in my 110 gallon SPS/acro dominant reef. Note, I also have a purple dendronephthylia which I have had 4 weeks, also appearing happy so far. The sea fan appears to eat reef roids, microvore diet, and possibly smaller particles of Gonipower, fauna marine seafan food, and cyclopeez. I am spotfeeding every few days a mix of these with phytoplankton and marine snow. I am broadcast feeding reef roids and one other of these items about once or twice a day. Water flow is very mixed from very still to deflecting the branches some and reverses directions flowing roughly perpendicular to the fan. Flow is provided by a Jaebo RW 15 and RW 8. Tank temperature is kept steady at 83F. I use an AquaC RX-1 calcium reactor and an ATO from a kalkwasser reservoir. SRO-RPS-3000EXT skimmer fed directly from the tank overflow with an inline biopellet reactor (not really working correctly). Overflow then goes through a DIY felt filter sock into a 10g sump with Chaeto, extra LR, and a seperate 2.5g low flow DSB/LR/mangrove compartment. Return pump has a T to a spectra pure dual chamber media reactor with some lose biopellets in one and carbon and phosguard/bond in the other. I add 5 to 10ml of reef plus a few times a week with a capful of acropower and a pinch of creatine powder once a week.

calk me Q
05/04/2016, 10:09 AM
maybe not enought and perish along time

05/04/2016, 08:30 PM
Kenny, thanks for a description of your system and feeding process. I wish you continuing success with this difficult coral. Please keep updating this thread.

05/05/2016, 06:41 PM
That is some sweet color

kenny b
05/15/2016, 12:24 PM
Thank you! Here is after 28 days. Growth is over an inch of new tissue and new polyps at the base.

kenny b
05/21/2016, 12:39 PM
5 weeks. Going strong happy and healthy. I've cut back some of feeding since it appears I don't really need too. It's still growing very well as you can see.

kenny b
06/25/2016, 04:05 PM
2 months or so.