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05/03/2016, 04:13 PM
I have an SPS dominated tank with 150 gallon total volume. Tank has been running for 1 year but sps growth is very slow and colors are poor. I have been dosing Vodka and MB7. I use RS Coral Pro salt. I run GFO and Carbon in a reactor. Alk and Ca are provided via BRS soda ash and calcium chloride. I don't have to dose mg. My parameters are:

Alk 8.0 dKH
Ca 400
Mg 1500
Nitrate 5
Phosphate .11

I purchased
Probiotic Reef Salt
Np Pro
Pro Bio S
Zeolite mix
Phosphate Minus
Component 1,2,3
Coral A, B, E, V

My questions are:

1. Do I start the Salt, Np Pro, Pro Bio S and stop Vodka/MB7 cold turkey or do I need to slowly transition the change?

2. Can I switch over to the Component 1,2,3 now, or do I wait til the tank adapts to the salt and bacteria change?

3. Can I start the Zeolite mix, carbon, GFO now (same reason above, would it be too much of a change at once?)

Thank you.

05/04/2016, 01:23 AM
Thank You for Your question.

1. For safety You Can use Probiotic Reef Salt, -NP Pro and Pro Bio S slowly.
For start You can dose Pro Bio S and -NP Pro - replace vodka, do water change on Your old salt.
And after 2 weeks of dosing Pro Bio S and -NP Pro do water change on Probiotic Reef Salt.

2. You Can start to dose now.

3. Are You using any filter media now? I think that You Can use it now.

You Can show us photo of Your tank - it will be easier to help with dosage.

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