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05/05/2016, 12:54 PM
I posted this same thing on my local reef club's forum, but didn't get much of a response. Maybe I'll get better feedback here:

I'm considering changing my lights.

I've got a 48" Reefbreeders Photon light over my 210, which is 72X24X27 to the sandbed. I've had it for a little over a year and I like it, but the edges of the tank are pretty dark. Originally I thought about leaving an area on one end of the tank for jawfish or some other burrowing fish, but that hasn't happened. The thought was that on that end I wouldn't need a lot of light, so I could just push the light toward the other end to get coverage to the edge.

So, I'm thinking about several different things:

1) Purchase another 48" Reefbreeders Photon to add to the existing one. My thought here is to put one behind the other, overlapping in the middle. This would give me pretty good coverage on the ends of the tank and 24" of overlapping light in the middle. But, my fear with this is that it would be too much light in the middle of the tank.

2) Sell the 48" light and purchase 4 16" lights and mount them front to back in tank. I've seen this quite a bit with large tanks. No worries with this about there being too much light where they overlap, but I'm spending a hefty chunk of change on the the new lights.

3) Add some T5's to supplement the LED. I don't have any idea how practical this would really be. I'd probably have to add 4 36" lights. Two in front of the LED and two behind is what I'm thinking. But I don't know that this would be of any real benefit from a coral perspective. It would add light, but maybe not enough to matter.

4) The tank doesn't currently have a hood, so I could hang pendant lights from the ceiling.

5) DIY custom LED setup. This one interests me, but I've never done anything with electronics before, so it might be beyond my capabilities.

Looking for some thoughts or ideas for where to go from here.

05/05/2016, 03:40 PM

Why not add a 24" on the end? That would cover the rest of the tank and be similar to the 48 in output (basically like adding half a 48 to your tank)