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05/05/2016, 04:09 PM
I understand that I may get a more biased response by posting my inquiry here but I figured it’s a good place to gather some opinions regardless… I am slowly entering the market for a controller and seeing as how I already own the stand alone Doser 2, it would “make sense” to get the profilux controller. But since the doser can stand on its own, I’m being more open to my options
That said, one of the biggest wants I have from a controller is the ability to easily view probe readings on my computer or iPhone. I understand that there is a Profilux app for this but I wanted to know if people find the app helpful. I’m a sucker for visually pleasing graphs and charts so I’m hoping someone can post a snap shot of their temperature/pH graphs. Are graphs shown on a 24 hour basis? Can graphs show 7 days worth of lines to compare day by day changes?

Additionally, how easy is it to set up a series of actions based on a single command? For example, it would be nice if I could essentially click a button/command for a “feed mode” that will turn off power to ATO, turn off power to skimmer, turn off power to return pump, put Vortech pumps on feed mode, hold for 15 minutes, start return pump, start skimmer, start ATO, switch Vortech pumps to nutrients transport mode for 30 minutes and then back to normal operations.

05/05/2016, 10:57 PM
You can't go wrong with ProfiLux. :)

The ProfiLux can display all your current probe readouts when you use GHL Control Center. There is a page called "Sensor Overview" which displays these readouts.

The sensor data that is collected can be displayed to show the data for each probe within any range you wish, daily, 7 days, 1 month, etc.

Setting up feed modes are quick and easy. Simply select the sockets on the powerbar which will be affected by a specific feed pause and those sockets will turn off for the duration of the feed pause. You also have the option to set the duration of the feed pause. After the feed pause has ended, the sockets turn back on and return to normal operation.

Since you already have the SA Doser 2, if you wanted to, you can connect it to the ProfiLux and operate the doser as a slave.

05/06/2016, 01:17 PM
Since you already have the SA Doser 2, if you wanted to, you can connect it to the ProfiLux and operate the doser as a slave.

What's everyone's opinion on this?
Run it alone or in slave mode? Advantages/Disadvantages to each?

05/06/2016, 02:54 PM
How do people connect the SA Doser2 to their Profilux? Can I daisy chain it to the Powerbar PAB?


05/09/2016, 09:03 AM
If one already has an SA Doser 2 and also a ProfiLux, you have the option to change the SA doser to operate as a slave unit when connected to the ProfiLux.

Instead of having two separate connections, one to the doser and one to the controller, you can see your doser settings when you connect to the ProfiLux.

You will however, lose the functionality of the temp and level ports. The magnetic stirrer ports remain active. Wifi will also be disabled as the doser will now rely on the ProfiLux.

05/09/2016, 09:06 AM

Before the SA doser is connected to the ProfiLux, you must first make sure you have the latest SA firmware version on the doser. Once that has been confirmed, connect to the SA doser via USB and change the mode to "Slave". This option is found at the bottom of the main screen. Save settings.

You can then disconnect from the doser and connect it to the controller. Once connected, the steps are the same as adding a PAB device, assign it and set the pump numbering if necessary.

Yes, you can connect it to the PAB Powerbar.