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05/06/2016, 10:17 AM

I've been out of the hobby for several years now do to my work & being out of town a lot. I may be able to set-up a small fish only tank soon since I'm not going to be out of town as much!

Anyways; Back when I was into the hobby I remember reading a article several years ago on some type of rare fish that the ultra rich & celebrities sought after.
From what I remember the fish was red in color & looked similar to a small lion fish! I think it was called something like a red or fire dragon?

The thing I remember about the article is that this fish was only known to be in the (Philippines Indonesia area?) and located in deep water. Also this particular area was restricted to diving with air-tanks or commercial diving gear! Anyone wanting to legally acquire one of these fish needed to hire a local free-air diver to go & hand catch it with a net.

Anyone here know the name of this fish or perhaps a link to the old article regarding this rare fish?

05/10/2016, 09:19 PM
Interesting as i am in the area, so would like to get one for the tank :)

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05/10/2016, 09:22 PM
#3 The Neptune Grouper is so rare that it is barely known about in the aquarium world at all. This deepwater denizen is a staple food fish in Japan and East Asia but it is almost never seen alive in an aquarium. The Neptune Grouper lives so deep that when they are fished for food they are brought up quickly, and they die from decompression. Only a handful of live juveniles have been found and collected in water shallow enough that they make suitable aquarium inhabitants.

05/10/2016, 09:25 PM