View Full Version : Mantis vs pistol who wins?

05/06/2016, 11:45 AM
I know most unbelievable things start with "a guy was once telling me in a pub", but I was told that if you want to get rid of a mantis then you should add a pistol shrimp (and this conversation did take place in a pub several years ago). I didn't think much of it other than the two could probably take each other out.

I thought of this the other day and wanted to ask the question as a while ago I lost a G. chiragra. There was no sign of it at all and I stripped everything. It had escaped before into the adjoining tank but this tank now had a unidentified green pistol shrimp in it (meaning I don't know which species it is but it came as part of a so called sybiotic goby pair but there appears to be no bond). So I was wondering if this may have led to the demise of the mantis (I know the species reputation), it may just have been a coincidence or none of the above.
I realise not all pistol shrimps are created equal so perhaps it might apply to the more predatory species, the mantis could have been ill or its was just one of those pub chats and there's nothing I it at all.

Interested in any views.

EI Gringo
05/06/2016, 04:14 PM
Pretty much rubbish for the most part unless the mantis is tiny tiny in comparison to the pistol. A chiragra 2 inches or more would batter just about any pistol you could show it, wouldn't have thought a quick pop would do much more than confuse and possibly discourage it