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05/06/2016, 11:35 PM
When I go to the timer program for the sockets there are to option,
First one is from -to
The second is on -off
What's the difference

05/07/2016, 06:04 PM
When you go into Power Units/ Program Timers you will See a [+] sign to add a new timer
When you first go there the default is

FROM: 00:00 TO: 00:00
ON: 00:00 OFF: 00:00

That means the timer is ON all the time and this is typically the setting you would use for your main Pump or Skimmer. So now your wondering why put it on a Timer, why not just set the Plug manually to ON. If you set it to ON then nothing can turn it off except if you go in manually and turn it OFF. If it's on a timer then you can program a float switch to turn off your main pump if the water level gets too low, or you can set a function button to turn it off during feeding time.

Now if you wanted to use it for say controlling your lights you could set it for specific times and these times are in military time.

Lets say you want the Lights ON from 9:00AM until 7:00PM

You would type in
FROM: 09:00 TO: 19:00
ON: 00:00 OFF 00:00

Lets say it was a power head plugged in and you wanted it on from 9am to 7pm but also wanted it to come oscillate ON for 2 minutes and then go OFF for 1 minute During the day.

You would type in
FROM: 09:00 TO: 19:00
ON: 00:02 OFF 00:01

I Plan on adding a more detailed usage of the timers in my next section of the review, I hope this answers your question.

05/08/2016, 12:19 AM