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05/08/2016, 08:36 AM
I am severely colorblind so when i try to edit it looks good to me but to others, not so much..

After my "editing"..
The last two turned out cartoony, but they were intentional, once i figured out they were not going to turn out looking true to life..

Outdoors pictures turn out ok to me,, meaning no one has said "What happened to the color".
I know i need alot more practice with composition and focusing but the color deal is driving me nutz..
Any programs out there that will let you pick a section of the photo and set that as white and it adjusts to that...
I tried using a custom white balance in the camera (Nikon D200, take a picture with the white cap on) but it still turns out odd..
Any ideas or help would be welcome...

05/08/2016, 06:14 PM
Being color blind will be a challenge.

Not sure what you edit in, but Lightroom has an option for tweaking black and white images. It's in the same section as the hue/saturation sliders. I once read that an image that has been properly adjusted in black and white will also look well edited in color. It's worth a shot.

Use the black and white sliders until the image looks right and then cover to color.

05/08/2016, 06:17 PM
In all fairness, with your samples it's mostly color temp issues. Everyone struggles with that because most cameras really don't expect to ever be used under those kind of lights. Aquarium photography is challenging. Try showing in RAW mode and set the white balance from a neutral colored item in the frame. If you get good results from an image, save those settings and use them as a starting point next time.

05/08/2016, 08:12 PM
Sorry I don't have a suggestion, but this thread is really interesting to me. I've always wondered what the world looks like through the eyes of others, especially colorblind people. I'm sure these don't tell the full story, but it's still interesting.
Good luck on your search.

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05/09/2016, 03:26 AM
Working from Doug's suggestions, and I'm far from an expert, but what if you take a picture in raw format, send the raw file to someone to edit, then send it back to you, then you could do a side by side comparison of what settings were changed. Then you can try to duplicate the same settings on other pictures.
Like I said, I'm as far from an expert as you get, and any adjustments made by someone else is their opinion, but I would be willing to try a picture for you.
PM me your email if you are interested. Hope other will try to.

05/09/2016, 07:35 PM
I have been working on this most of the weekend, also have a conversation going on in the Adobe ps forums, lot of good ideas coming from that..
Talked with a buddy who dabbles with photography, he gave me a filter the you snap over the lens and set white balance on the camera with.. Works really well..
Cody6766 there is a website that has a series of photos that will show you how it looks to me, I will link it here when I find iit in my bookmarks..

05/09/2016, 07:39 PM
Found it..
I am severe red-green