View Full Version : Advice on collecting Snowflake eggs

05/13/2016, 07:32 AM
Hi. I have two snowflakes that have been laying eggs for a while now and its my plan to try and breed with them. My problem at this stage is getting hold of the eggs. They are laying the eggs on a rather large rock and I understand you can either put a tile or pot near them or try and catch them when they hatch (which sounds complicated). My problem is I've tried putting a small tile near them and they just shove it aside. They don't seem to want anything near their nenni. What should I try and when exactly should you place the tile or pot near them?

Chad Vossen
05/18/2016, 03:01 PM

This may be helpful to collect the fry. Lots of youtube videos for the larval trap in action.

06/24/2016, 06:50 AM
My fish also lay on a large rock that I can't move.

You can collect them with a small syphon tube, and syphon them out.
They are attracted to light, so after lights are out a flashlight in one corner will attract them. I have also used a fine brine shrimp net. Others have said that using a net could harm them, but I figure that if I cant catch them they are dead anyway. You can also lure them to the surface and catch some with a small cup. You will need a healthy rotifer culture to feed them.

Good luck,