View Full Version : Clownfish growth rates in different species

05/15/2016, 02:50 AM
Waddup ya'll?
could ya tell me what type of clownfish grows the fastest and the slowest right from the hatch. What should be considered sale-able size? How long does it take to reach sale-able size?

What is optimum size of broodstock tank with dimensions?
Im kinda leaning in towards a single system with partitions, is it advisible to hook in single filtration unit? or go with induvidual.
Thinking of a singular sump with skimmer, filtersock, MarinePure Blocks (10 blocks). Also give your inputs about flow in the tank! returns and intake. Should i go singular overflow box (Bean Animal) at one end of the brood tanks and return to the opposite side? or overflow within each cubicles with a pvc drilled with spray to every cubicle?

05/18/2016, 02:14 AM