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05/22/2016, 02:40 AM
Hi all..

I fresh in the saltwater world and i just wondering if anyone can help me with
My skimmer

I bought the vertex alpha 200 skimmer, and Been running in the tank for about 1 week now.
Tank is fresh started 180 gallon, skimmer is running in around 9,5"
In the tank i used Stone that was dried and washed..

This might be normal maybe?

05/22/2016, 08:09 AM
I would suggest lowering the sump level a bit unless your wedge pipe is partially closed in which case, I would open it up a bit. Also, the Alpha's have an adjustable nozzle on the pump. I would start at 1.5 full turns out from fully closed and adjust it in our out from there. If the nozzle isn't adjusted properly, the skimmer will overflow depending on the depth. Use the nozzle to get the best foam. There will be a point where the bubbles will burst at the surface and a point where you are making nice foam. Adjust until you get nice foam. Keep in mind that every time you stick your hands in the water, it will take the skimmer a couple hours to settle back in. As such, make a tiny adjustment at a time and let it settle down. Keep in mind that the Alpha's need a lot of load/fish stock to run consistent. If you don't have fish in the system or if you have a light load, you will need to run it really wet to get it to perform consistently and it may overflow from time to time.

05/22/2016, 10:31 AM
I will try lower the water and adjust it to 1,5 turn later today.

But as the tank is Brand new, and there is no live rock or fish, the skimmer might overflow anyway?

I using Nyos bacteria to start tank up, bit guess its abit early for fish hehe

BTW, thanks for reply ��

05/22/2016, 11:03 AM
The skimmer will only overflow if it's adjusted too wet which means if the transition point from bubbles to foam is too high in the neck. Given that you have no load in this tank, any adjustments you make with the skimmer will be futile in that you will be readjusting once you get some load in that tank. I would just adjust the volute nozzle so you get the most dense foam and adjust the water level so the bubble line where it transitions into foam is about 1/4 the way up the neck. Don't expect much skimmate now since you don't have any appreciable amount of dissolved organics in your tank. Also, what size tank is this on and what is your future fish stocking plans?