View Full Version : Is this a sutable tank for seahourses?

05/23/2016, 10:13 PM
Hi, I'm thinking about setting up a seahorse only tank, and trying a pair of mustang seahorses in it, and I don't know weather this would be a suitable tank for them? I would be adding a skimmer to it as well. And I would be getting the 29 gallon variant of the tank, it is over 20'' high so I think it would work, it's more about the filtration on it that I'm wondering about.


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05/24/2016, 04:34 AM
I personally would not choose an 'all in one' aquarium. With the canopy it may hold heat and the seahorse keepers who seem to have the best long term success keep their tanks at 74 or lower.
Also HOB filters can be problematic if they are not cleaned diligently, (every 3 days or so). Bio-wheels can encourage nitrates also. Seahorses are not particularly sensitive to nitrates as long as they are under 20 but some of your clean up crew like snails might be.
I think you are better off putting your own aquarium together, maybe watching for the $1 a gallon at Petco sale and adding powerheads that are seahorse safe and a light.

05/24/2016, 05:13 AM
I would walk away from that. Filtration would need to be completely redone.

And it's not large enough. 30 gallon min.

05/24/2016, 07:22 AM
Yes, this is a poor choice as it is designed for freshwater. To maximize your chances with seahorses you need to choose your tank and filtration carefully. Blowheels are not good for SW.

For a pair of Hippocampus erectus (not mustangs which is a trade name and has no meaning) I would recommend a 30 gallon cube 20x20x20 or a 37 tall tank
30x12x22. There are lots of choices for filtration but look at what the successful seahorse keepers are using and copy that.

Doing your research before you buy equipment or horses is very important to achieve success.

Keeping seahorses can be very rewarding when all goes well but most people make mistakes when they are newbies. Keeping the temps down to 74 or below is one of the most important factors for healthy horses. Good Luck with your new endeavor.

05/24/2016, 09:29 AM
Thank you everyone, Yes I have decided to pass on this tank.

I'm thinking about getting a 30 gallon cube with a really good protein skimmer and sponge filter, it would have to be a hang on the back skimmer so would the bubbles be an issue with the seahorses? in my other tank I placed a second pice of foam around the stock skimmer foam pice and this seems to cut the skimmer bubbles by 70%

Were I live there are very few days that go above 78 and at night the house gets as low as 62, so I don't think temperature would be an issue, temperature has been something that has made me very optimistic about getting seahorses, but if I kept on haveing temperature issues in the tank I could get a chiller.