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05/27/2016, 03:53 PM
Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this -

just read on one of the threads that the coral collection store is closed... and anything remaining the owner has (matt) he is running from a garage .. and the left stock is pretty bad.

can any fellow reefer who lives in the area confirm for me please?
24326 Muirlands Blvd, Lake Forest, CA 92630

That above is their adddress.

I am concerned because i have orders placed with them for over 2 weeks of about 1500...
so if that is true - i need to start working with paypal to start a case and get my money back.

Please help - i would appreciate it.

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05/28/2016, 04:17 PM
I think I heard something about that but not 100%, here's where you want to ask


05/30/2016, 10:11 PM
Their Facebook site said they didn't want to pY the lease so they are just running the online store. Not sure where they are at now.....

From Facebook

Hey guys!!!! Just heads up! We ARE NOT OUT OF BUSINESS! We chose not to pursue our lease in Lake Forest. We are still on fire with full inventory, if you are local please email us for private showings until we release our new location, otherwise we will still have our full online inventory. If you are local and want to purchase online shipping is free :) or we'll deliver depending on where you are. Thanks and love you all!!" (714) 925-7333

06/01/2016, 11:41 AM
In his dads garage in lake forest. He closed the shop because he OWES EVERYONE money! every supplier I talk to, "Oh Matt owes me money and I can't find him".

Your anemones are prepaid. He doesnt have any inferno, lemon drop, flame tip, supernova on hand.. you pay for it and wait till he gets it. Could be a month. Could be a year. Depending on when he has the money to pay off his collectors in order to receive the nems. He sold a ton of anemones, but couldn't pay his supplier. (guess where his money went, his wife's art school debt). Now he waits to sell more in order to pay off the previous batch.. so you won't get anything until ANOTHER person buy an inferno.

Last time i was in his garage (last month) he had no anemones. His tanks were in terrible condition.

I waited since Oct 2015 for an inferno, fully paid. May 2016 I received a bleached out orange nem.. he claimed his transfer messed up the tank and all BTA lost color. I didn't want to deal with him again so I took the bleached nem. It was in terrible condition, but I could see a small resemblance. I can post pix tonight to show u how bad it is compared to my other infernos. He had 2 more 1 inch "infernos" in his tank. They looked worse than a bleached rose. I wouldn't even pay $10 for it..

Good luck!

06/01/2016, 12:06 PM
^^ Sounds like op needs to get his money back then if his tanks dont look so well at the moment.

06/01/2016, 12:08 PM
pm me and I can get you in touch with someone for the Inferno anemone. same supplier as Matt's inferno. Just healthier.

same for Sunbursts and other anemones.. get your $1500 back!

06/01/2016, 12:53 PM
Is the site coralcollectors.com?

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06/20/2016, 12:36 AM
I wanted the nicest BTA out, so I got ahold of Matt and he told me he had one that was 4.5 - 5" big and a smaller one. We agreed on a price of over 1000 dollars for the bigger one and I met Matt at his dad's place in HB to buy the Supernova Mother's Day weekend. It was nowhere near 5" but he assured me it would get bigger once it settled in my system because he had just introduced it into his dad's tank for showing.
We did the deal and the next day I measured it to be 2" opened up. The following day he offered the larger SN to someone I know with the same pics he sent me and a written description telling the guy it was twice as big as the one he sold me.

He pulled the bait and switch on me. I contacted him to give him an opportunity to make things right and he told me to EF Off. I had even offered to pay him more money.

Now my lil SN is practically melted away. It seams that many people have issues with their CC Nems melting shortly after.

Buyer beware.

06/22/2016, 08:13 AM
So follow up here..

I called matt and said the agreed time of 3 weeks is up - what is the update on my order. As expected - he said the update is it will take another 3 weeks.

I was still being polite - and said - no problem. Please issue me a refund and i will order later when they are available.

He said he doesnt have the money - so i will have to claim from paypal.
So i did.

Got my money back -

definitely not the way i would run my business if i was dealing with 5-800 items each. Its just asking for trouble to happen. One of these days he will end up messing with the wrong guy who will not take his horrible ethics so lightly.

07/09/2016, 08:55 PM
Sounds like a questionable character

09/03/2016, 04:10 PM

The website looks good, but the reviews on this thread... wow!