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05/28/2016, 08:17 AM
I don't write reviews much since, well I hate to write, and usually I get what I expect and nothing more. The experience with Tamp Bay Saltwater compelled me to tell you all how wonderful they are. I started my 1st reef tank in the early 2000's by listening to my local fish store and some info I was able to find on the web. I started with a 40 gallon and grew that to 250 gallons over 10 years. After a crash in 2010 I decided I needed a break and torn it down and sold it off.

I've been missing my little reef friends, so last month I purchased an RSM 130D off Craigslist. Awesome deal, thinking it's a great way to get back into the hobby. Part of getting back was exploring whats been going on in the reefing world the past 6 years. That's where I started reading about Tampa Bay Saltwater. Checking the numbers originally I thought well it's a bit more expensive than going local but the quality everyone been talking about and reviews led me to believe it was worth the extra expense.

Well let me join the list and say yes it is!!!!! Not only is it worth it If I add up all I received in the package, I think I saved a couple hundred Dollars even with shipping.

Package 1 arrived about a week and half ago with just what I expected awesome sand and rock and a little present a decorator urchin. Thanks TBS I love that little guy.. immediately I knew I made the right choice. Everything was packed in water and smelled like it just left the ocean. After a small cycle of a couple days I called TBS and had them send Part 2. This is where they really shined!!!

Part 2 arrived last night and OMG!!! I blew me away, it had everything from sponges, gorgonians, arrow crabs, cleaning crew, flower pot anemone, and Oh yeah a royal gramma. These were not just frags they were the full deal. This is why I say I saved hundreds of dollars, as well not being able to get most of this locally. I can also say these critters where fresher and more alive that anything I found locally at a store... This morning they are all doing great and look awesome. The tank explodes with color and life.

Way to go TBS, you made my return to reefing truly exciting and awesome.

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05/29/2016, 08:02 AM
Instant reef tank! Looks great! :)