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05/28/2016, 09:57 PM
Salutations! I just established a new 10 g IM that came with a sock, and have been using it for 5 weeks. 4 weeks ago I got a pipefish. Luckily, my blue stripe thrived because of the INSANE amount of pods in the tank, but alas, this is no more. That number has been teetering and dwindling as fast as it came! Now, what to do...should I start feeding the pipefish or ditch the sock? Many thanks to whoever cares!

05/29/2016, 05:01 PM
Maybe the pipefish has just been consuming the pods faster than a 10g tank can reproduce and it has nothing to do with the filter socks. Pipefish are voracious and it is normal for them to diminish a pod population. I would try and culture pods in a nursery tank and supplement with enrich baby brine shrimp or re-home the pipefish to a tank that can sustain it.

06/02/2016, 10:28 AM
Start feeding mysis. Start with small amounts until the Pipefish starts picking them. All my bluestripe pipefish picked up on frozen mysis rather quickly, though females seem to be faster than males.

As for the pods dwindling away - that may be totally unrelated to the Pipefish. New tanks go through phases and one of these is often a pod explosion. Usually it ends when larger critters like mysis or amphipods catch up and start feeding on them. Bluestripe pipefish are not that ferocious eaters.

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06/08/2016, 06:21 PM
Hey, everyone. Sad last week or 2... unfortunately, my pipefish died, due to a reason I had never encountered in my whole life-- the fish jumped and pushed the screen off the top of my NUVO 10, what the hell? Okay, I'm not an amateur, I've even gone through FRESHWATER pipefish! So yeah, I was ****ed, I now have like a couple pounds around the edge. Solved that problem.
Went to my LFS last weekend, and what do you know? Found a shipment came in with a healthy banded pipefish and splurged getting a juvie, along with some red dragon acros, and something I forget the name of.
Anyway, I have been feeding it rotis and pods, and he's been doing pretty well. I'm gonna switch the sock tomorrow-- just an update, later.

06/09/2016, 03:15 AM
Your pipefish jumped out of the tank????
I had a lot of pipefish and never had one jump out of a tank.

06/09/2016, 04:48 AM
Nor have I ever had a pipefish jump. My seahorse tank is not even covered because I figured the seahorses and pipes were not jumpers. So far in my tank that has proved true.

06/09/2016, 07:53 AM
Not only jumping, but pushing a screen out of place?
I've never even had a screen pushed out of place when keeping large fish that ARE jumpers.

06/09/2016, 09:33 AM
I don't think a bluestripe pipefish could move a screen, not even that of a 10 gallon tank.
And even the attempt to jump would IMO be a sign of distress and desperation for any pipefish.

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06/11/2016, 10:43 AM
To clarify, I don't really know if it WAS him who pushed the screen out of place... He jumped out shortly before a goby did, and the screen wasn't on the floor; i had went to sleep, woke up, couldn't find the pipefish, thought he was hiding, went back to sleep, woke up due to a splash, saw a pipefish on the top, but looked as if he had been there at least a night (repulsive, I know...) which was depressing, too, but saw the goby was still in his hole. So, that being said, the only conclusion that I can come to is that the pipefish jumped through the screen, and when I didn't look at the top, died. A short while later, I awoke because the rose goby jumped and went down into his burrow again, prob startled because someone honked a horn outside or something. Finally, found pipefish and gave em a final farewell, before drifting off to sleep again. When I finally awoke, in the morning, the rose prob jumped again w/ enough force to jar the lid and pass away. Problem solved.
All parameters have been, and were, perfect. Now the banded pipefish is fine with the only other fish being a baby sail blenny. Welp, see you all later.