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05/29/2016, 06:08 PM
Hello Everyone,

I am new here but have been keeping salt water tanks for some time now, and finally have a question about my Peacock Mantis, her name is Jenny. Have had here for just over 2 months now and up until last week she was doing great, a little background first. She is in a 30 long tank i made a tunnel for her lots of rock, with 5 corals and 5 chromis, and water chem is spot on using apex, seneye to monitor weekly test and water changes. In the 2 months I have had her she eats well, including mysis, brine, snails, shrimp pieces, pretty much anything. She molted once about a month ago, even preserved one of her hammers cuz they are awesome. She was doing very well, she still is doing great but...

About a week and a half ago she started acting strange was not eating every time i fed her but still eating small bits, and smashing at her tunnel. she finally stopped eating and was roaming around the tank more, and seemed more aggressive. She even made a new tunnel under some rock, but she doesn't use it. Then about 4 days ago she did not open her tunnel that morning, so i thought maybe she is going into a molt. Up until today she was pretty much hiding in her tunnel. Finally today i she her head poking out of her tunnel and she took a stroll around the tank. So i though all was good and went to feed her only to see her arms FULL of small red eggs. Having seen pictures of mantis with eggs, i knew immediately. This website LINK (https://bioweb.uwlax.edu/bio203/s2014/hruska_mark/reproduction.htm) says it is possible for them to hold the males sperm for weeks but it has been exactly 10 weeks that I have had her.

Could they be viable eggs or is this some form of menstruation. What should I do.

Thanks for any help or advice anyone can give, will try to get some good pics.

05/29/2016, 10:34 PM
Her behavior sounds pretty normal prior to laying her eggs. I wouldn't worry about it. If she does let them go, try to take them out of the tank because they could foul the water quality. Mantis shrimp larvae are just about impossible to raise for a number of reasons. I know it's probably tempting to try, but many people have and the results just aren't good. Otherwise, just leave her alone, I don't think these eggs are fertilized anyway. She may eat them at some point.