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05/31/2016, 09:01 AM
Would it be okay to increase ProBioS and -NPPro beyond max dose (3 drops per 100l) if we are not getting a decrease in NO3 with this dose?

My plan is to buy a new batch of ProBioS (I this the previous one was fouled) and stick to Aquaforest products. Don't get me wrong but I "need" to see a bacterial bloom, I need to see that NPPro is doing something.

At the moment the only thing growing since I started my aquarium is my gray hair.

05/31/2016, 11:28 AM
I would review the entire tank and see if you can find the source of nitrates. Check for detritus build up in the display, in the sump, and maybe clean your equipment. Perhaps the tank is being fed too much, so many factors. How much rock is in the system? Is the skimmer performing well? How many fish, how often fed? Also, how old is the tank? I would try not to dose that much, but as long as the inhabitants are not affected, I imagine you could try. You are correct that it may cause a bac bloom, but I am sure you are aware. Please provide me with detailed information and I will try and help as best as I can. Cheers!

05/31/2016, 12:19 PM
Red sea reefer 350 (90g total volume) set on september'15. About 25kg of rock (half live / half cured dry rock). Block of Marine Pure in sump.

2x ocellaris
1x pseudosynchiropus picturatus
1x nemateleotris magnifica
1x ctenochaetus strigosus
4x pseudanthias dispar

2x tunze 6095
1x tunze 6045
Skimmer Nyos Quantum 160
Pacific Sun Pandora S 2x145w led + 4x39w t5
Eheim compact 3000 return pump

Using filter socks and cleaning them when clogged

Lately I've been feeding only 1 frozen cube divided in 2 feeds

Corals start to go down normally 2 months after being introduced. I'm not having good colors and tissue is very thin in some of them. Growth is very slow on some and inexistent on the rest.

NO3 is 25-50 and phos 0.04
Kh is 7.5
Ca 420
Mg 1260

Only a small patch of GHA wich has started to get brown

I blast live rock detritus weekly

Running 250ml of zeolites, carbon and phosphate minus in a reactor.

1 drop vitality e/o day
1 drop amino e/o day
1 drop build e/o day
1 drop iodum daily (very recently)
1 drop kalium daily

And... thanks for your help. Your tank makes me drool and be green of envy.

05/31/2016, 12:33 PM
All your parameters seem fine, perhaps you can expand your biological filtration and add siporax into the system. I would think 4-6Liters would be good for this setup. I am not sure the efficiency of marine block, but siporax is supposed to be the most efficient. It takes 6 weeks or so to see any effects, but as the bacteria seeds, it will begin to process the nitrate well. What salts are you using? I would maybe change the filter socks every 2-3 days, not allowing them to gunk up as much. If it were me, I would look into Probiotic Reef Salts, and try to lower nitrates through its use. Also, I would try using another test kit to validate that the one you have is ok, your PO4 is in proper range. Cheers!

06/03/2016, 03:15 AM

Im new to the Aquaforest products. Currently using Probiotic Reef salt, Pro Bio S and Pro F to feed the bacteria. I have some questions regarding this products.

Whats the difference between Pro F and Pro Bio F? Do they feed the same bacteria? Can I use one or another for the same benefits?

Should I switch the skimmer off when adding Pro Bio S?

Im having some Cyano, may Pro F being a carbon source enhance Cyano growth? Do you think its enough using your probiotics and nitrification products to fight cyano?

After the first water change using your salt my skimmer went mad, is there any reason for this?

Thank you very much.


06/03/2016, 04:46 AM
Hi Sergi,
I would recommend using NP Pro as carbon source, and continue use with Pro Bio S. Pro Bio F is a carbon source and bacteria source. While it is not necessary to use, I have it and use it a couple times a week in place of NP Pro. I also use this on my nano to control nutrients as one solution. Cyano typically is charged by carbon source, so upping bacteria and lowering carbon source would be my suggestion to you. It is not necessary to discontinue the skimmer when dosing probiotics, trace, or supplements. As far as the skimmer goes, the addition of bacteria will certainly make the skimmer perform better, so adjustments need to be made so it skims relatively dry. Cheers!