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06/02/2016, 02:42 PM
I would like to set up a kalk reactor a long with a mechanical ATO for my tank. The idea is to have all refill water pass through the Kalk reactor unles above a certain pH. If above a certain ph, then the RO would pass through the float valve.

I was thinking of something like this.

RO/DI ---------> T ---------> Float Valve ------> sump
L_________> 12v valve controled by apex --------> Kalk Reactor ------->sump

If I do set it up like this, what should the flow from the Reactor be? a slow drip or a steady stream when active?
Is this scenario creating a increased chance of making alk levels inconsistent since it is based on evaporation?
Suggestions on other options?

06/02/2016, 04:10 PM
We do a similar setup, but I have an extra solenoid on the float and needle valve on the output of the Kalk reactor. Our feed to the Kalk reactor is gravity fed from a separate 5g tank that fills once/day from the RO/DI system.

Normal operation:
- Sump float switch signals low water
- If pH is below high pH value, solenoid opens on Kalk reactor feed line (gravity fed)
- Kalk drips until high pH is met or sump float indicates sump full
- Delay to full timer to minimize bounce from the float triggering the Kalk erratically

Late afternoon when the pH should be at the highest, we open the solenoid that delivers RO/DI to the float in the Kalk feed tank and float in the sump. The Kalk feed tank tops off until it's float valve closes and the sump tops off until it's float closes if needed. This way RO/DI only runs once/day to maximize efficiency and we capitalize the Kalk effluent as much as possible.

Your diagram can work, but you definitely need a way to drip your ATO off a Kalk reactor or you will spike the system pretty quickly. Your ATO demand switch location would need to be above where the float in your sump would allow RO/DI into the sump. I like having a separate RO/DI tank that feeds the system so the RO/DI isn't kicking on and off multiple times/day.

06/02/2016, 06:46 PM
Thanks for the feedback. with that in mind, if i added a electronic float switch which would activate the reactor via APEX and added a needle valve to slow the flow.

In this scenario, the Kalk reactor would only activate between the hours of say 8pm-10am and when the water level was below the elec float valve connected to the apex.

In my mind this would allow the evaporated water during the day to be refiled by the ATO and then after hours it would possible come from the Kalk reactor if the pH was below a set level.