View Full Version : Please help ID this red turf macroalga

06/05/2016, 10:18 AM
I read your sticky about id of algae...

Not sure what ocean it came from - stupidly, I introduced it myself intentionally into my tank when I saw beautiful red, flower-like growth on the pump nozzle of the store tank and I fell in love with it :-)

The store owner warned me it will overtake my tank, but stupidly again, I did not listen to him :-)


Looks: it sticks to the rock with small point (holdfast?) and then grows a micro-bush of leaves. Size about 1/4-1/2". Color red, transparent. Very fragile, easy to crumble, when you tear the leaves off the holdfast stays on the rock.

Important is the smell. Very unique and very offensive. When you take the rock out of the water and destroy the algae tissues either breaking it mechanically or running under tap water it generated strong offensive smell.

Yesterday I took most of the rocks out of the tank and scraped them off with a sharp knife, hoping to get rid of the majority of the holdfasts, but I am not fool - I know this is not over - it will grow back.

I need an animal(s) which would graze on them.

Can you think of something?

Michael Hoaster
06/05/2016, 08:45 PM