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06/09/2016, 08:17 AM
We currently have 2 seahorses in a Biocube 14 and they are doing great. It has PC lighting.
Knowing the tank is too small, we have an opportunity to get a 28g JBJ LED tank at a very good price.
I know the all in one tanks are not ideal but it's what I have room for, both physically and in my budget. Other tank/sump setups are just not an option.
With that in mind, does anyone know if the LED on these tanks are ok for seahorses? Would it be better to get one with PC lights again? The Biocube has 2 PC's, the temp stays around 76-78. Will the led in the JBJ run cooler than the 4 PC's the non LED version has?
How do these compare to the Biocubes?

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06/09/2016, 12:52 PM
Hi. Just wanted to give you some feedback. The upgrade to the larger tank is a good idea. You are correct about the all-in-one aquarium setups being considered not ideal for seahorses. This mainly due to the increases difficulty in maintaining optimal temperatures for seahorses.
This leads me to my next suggestion which is to decrease the temperature of your tank to ideally at or below 72 degrees as an ideal. Most seahorse species to better at this temperature as it decreases their risk of bacterial infections. There is a lot of info regarding this in the dedicated seahorse forum. But to answer your original question I think that the leds would be cooler than PCs for sure. Good luck with your horses. They are amazing creatures.

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06/09/2016, 01:17 PM
I agree that odds of long term success will be better at cooler temps. I usually recommend 68 to 74F with my tanks at the upper end in summer and the lower end in winter.