View Full Version : Upgrade package?

06/10/2016, 12:56 AM
While I'm 90% convinced I'll go with a full "package" when I get my 180 in a year or so, I have some questions about improving my current 75.
Though the tank is really healthy and the best tank I've ever had, it's certainly sterile. Several years in, my rocks look bleached, and the only life I have is the corals and fish I've introduced. I cycled dry rock to start, and the diversity and interest is nothing like what I'm seeing in the tanks that you have supplied. However, I'm really nervous about messing up what going right (getting good coral growth, no fish disease, and very stable parameters).
When I look at what you include in part 2 of the package, I realize I have NONE of the beneficial life forms you include. Few snails, a single tuxedo urchin, 1 peppermint shrimp, but no cucumbers, starfish or other sifters.
So, my questions :
1. Since I have corals growing, and even encrusting, on my rocks, how would I add more without destroying them? Put the new rock underneath? While I could use more height to the aquascape, it seems really destructive to rip everything apart.
2. If you put together a "package" for me and the rocks had sponges and gorgonian fans, won't those just die off? If so, what's the point?
3. Am I better off just ordering a set of part 2 with the various beneficial critters you would include and skip the rock altogether, since the tank is established?
4. Your maintenance section on the website seems to indicate infrequent water changes. Since I use an Apex for auto water changes (1 gallon/day), do I fall outside your view of long term success?
Cost and time isn't an issue here. I'm trying to consider what you recommend to take my tank to the next level. I'd LOVE to have some additional life in there, especially a gorgonian, but I want to know that it's not a temporary thing and it ends up looking exactly the same next year.