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06/11/2016, 12:47 PM
My pushing 4 inch peacock molted 2 weeks ago before it did it had no signs of shell rot. I have noticed since the molt a small hole in the plate on the back of the head no redness around it. Also on two of the plates on the lower top part of the body that separate each section instead of a perfect line its not. It doesn't have the distinct red line dividing the plates the lines are imperfect. Don't know if this is shell rot starting and if so what do I do? Its under a 29 watt 325 lumens GE reveal bulb. The bulb is colored blue when off but burns a crisp white instead of yellow looking. It is in a 20 gallon PVC constructed burrow with 3 entrances and exits covered in sand with rubble to block doors. The burrow is dark but not pitch black. Water parameters are excellent. I feed it clam meat and live snails. The tank does have some little white dotted hydroids on the glass.

06/11/2016, 05:11 PM
We'd have to see a picture to know for certain if it was shell rot. One thing I will say about keeping a Peacock in a 20 gallon is that they usually don't have enough space to roam like they want. Keep in mind he'll grow to nearly 7 inches by the time he's through. It's tough to say what exactly makes Peacocks contract shell rot, but they get it in the wild too. I have my Peacock under 16-18K LEDs by comparison. Just try to keep the water as clean as possible and maybe add Selcon to his diet. You can soak the clam meat in it and feed normally. Good luck!

06/11/2016, 05:56 PM
Will have to pick up some selcon. I know exactly what that is also I do have a 29 gallon should it eventually need a bigger home. Thanks for the suggestion. Its name is Bam Bam.

EI Gringo
06/13/2016, 02:27 AM
29g is fine