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06/16/2016, 12:19 PM
I have a 150 gallon 60X24X24 tank with a photon 48 mounted about 10" above the water. My blues and whites peak at about 55% right now. All of my Zoas and Duncan corals look good, but my two Frogspawn corals look a little pale. The purple isn't very bright and the green isn't as green as it used to be either. So the color is there, but it isn't as bright or vivid as it has been in the past. It's not from bleaching because I had the lights turned way down to about 25-30% for about 6 months when my tank had to sit fallow due to ich. I turned them down because the frogspawn wasn't looking good and thought it was due to them bleaching. Turning down lights had no effect on frogspawn color. My question is how do I need to adjust my lights to get better color from my frogspawn? Is it safer to ramp up the blue on these lights a lot more than the whites without bleaching corals?

06/19/2016, 04:44 AM
If you are running the whites/blues at the same intensity, the colors will be a bit more natural. Have you tried turning the blues up/whites down a little?

06/20/2016, 12:06 PM
I do run them pretty close together. The whites are about 5% lower than the blues. Maybe I need to ramp up the blue a little more?

06/23/2016, 08:57 AM
Play with the colors a little bit and see how that affects the corals, a lot of people run the whites pretty low compared to the blues

06/24/2016, 12:26 PM
Haven't had a chance to mess with my light settings yet, but I plan on ramping up the blue a little more from the whites, and making my white cycle kick off an hour earlier so at night the blues stay on longer.

07/27/2016, 03:33 PM
Here are my frogspawns on the downward end of my lighting scheme @ 2pm before my lights totally shut off @ 4pm.

Here is the my lighting scheme measurements at 3pm:
Channel 1 - 10
Channel 2 - 10
Channel 3 - 15
Channel 4 - 5
Channel 5 - 15
Channel 6 - 15

I am still playing with the measurements, but the only thing I think I will change is adding a sunrise/sunset. All that means is I will start the lighting scheme an hour earlier and end it an hour later with very minimal light. I also may add moonlighting for 4 hours during the night when it is totally dark. This tank is in my office. I get in @ 6am and leave @ 5pm. Between 5pm-6am, the office is pitch dark.

I get a lot of compliments on the Frogspawn colors. I've had minimal frogspawn success in the past in my other tanks, but so far so good in this new tank. I changed the flow on this tank to small back/forth wave motion versus the tsunami sized waves in my other tanks. This tank is more community based. I have sections where the water movement is much more brisk, but I have SPS corals in those areas. I created pockets of medium/low movement and pockets of still movement with my rock placement. I think this helps the frogspawns more than anything other than my Photon 50 V2.


Just my $0.02.

-Ron in SoCal

07/27/2016, 04:06 PM
Here are some closeups to see the colors. Sorry about the streaks in the crappy phone pics. Those streaks are part of the shimmer the Photon V2 creates. It is not as shimmery as my Kessil A360s, but is still very pronounced.


07/28/2016, 10:29 AM
Ok man I have a 48" v2 over my display and a 24"wider my 40b frag tank. Here I'm going to ***** my experience lately in how I finally fixed my lighting spectrum.

Initially I had my channels peaking at around 90 odour most. I predictably nuked a bunch of coral. I started turning them down and adjusting ratios. Things got better but not what I was looking for.

So I finally emailed Logan to see what he had to say. Here is what I learned.

1: https://www.dropbox.com/s/fav7c4yo9ouzh15/Photon%20V2%20Program%20Guide.xlsx?dl=0

Seriously, use this excel file. Understand it. The values there are a nice radio written by Logan.

2: The values there cap out at 30% because they are starting values. SO, Logan has also mentioned most users cap out around 70% after bumping up 10% a week for light acclamation.

Tl;dr: Download spreadsheet, find the max intensity table and add 40 to each channel. Let the excel file update its main table and program your light with these numbers.

Another really important thing to notice here is that the ratio between channels remains consistent. I have anecdotally begun to feel that this helps.

07/29/2016, 07:40 AM
Thanks for the helpful info everyone. Ive adjusted my light so the blue peaks out at 70% and my whites at 30%. I also made it so the blues come on earlier in the morning and have them ramping up to about 50% before the whites kick on. Then when the whites kick off later in the evening, I have the blues on 50% and ramping down over 3 hours until lights out. So my schedule is blue lights kick on at 7 a.m. and shut off at midnight. My whites kick on at 10 a.m. and are off by 9 p.m. Hoping this new lighting schedule works.