View Full Version : Not sure clam jumping or been tripped

06/20/2016, 02:33 AM
Hi Guys,

I got a crocea clam for 2 months already.
Previously I place it on sandbed, while it footing on a rock slightly larger than itself. Then after a few weeks, parts of its mantle turning brown.

So I had move it to top of the tank. When it was on top for a week of the rock it had don't know tripped down by snail/hermit or it jumped down to sandbed.
Afterthat I just place it back on top. All this while it was very healthy & its been stay there for quite some times until few days before I found it on sandbed again.

Since I'm not sure its been tripped down or jump itself, could I glue/epoxy it hard on top OR i should place it back down on sandbed first?

06/20/2016, 02:38 PM
don't put it on the sand bed and please don't epoxy it in to place.

if it's moving, it's not happy.

sometimes they move from too much or too little flow, or too little light. if they can "see" more light on any part of their mantle, they tend to try to orient towards it. this can be problematic with LEDs since they like to line up in the direction of the fixtures.

what kind of lighting are you using? crocea are greedy little light hogs, and i've never been able to give mine too much.

it can be difficult to make them happy sometimes. my usual strategy with crocea is to find a stable spot, with a decent amount of "run off" room, with absolutely as much light as i can get it, then hope for the best. sometimes this takes a few tries.

06/20/2016, 07:51 PM
alright noted. I'm using LEDs

But due to space limitation i do not have a run off room.
Currently it is on top spot. Will see again if he jump, then will try to change another spot on top again.