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06/23/2016, 10:55 AM
I started a 16 gallon tank with approx 20lbs of live pukani from TBS in April. Great stuff, I got a ton of cool hitchhikers. Among those hitchhickers were 20+ porcelain crabs! It took about a week for me to realize how many were actually in there. Within about the first 3 weeks I lost 3. Last night I sat down and really tried to count them after feeding some frozen mysis and reef-roids. I counted 18, and I wouldn't be surprised if I missed a few. They seem to be happy as can be.

I feed about 1/3rd of a cube of frozen mysis and a couple "dashes" of reef-roids (like a little less than 1/8 tsp) - and I do this twice weekly. I use a syinge with a 12" needle to spot feed various soft corals and acans and 80% of that is actually eaten by fish and porcelain crabs. I also feed a few different kinds of pellets everyday.

So here's my question, given that my water is now stable and I'm happy with the consistency of my Ca / Mg / Alk, and since I haven't lost anything in at least 6 weeks, do I have conditions for a photosynthetic (hardy / easier) gorgonian? Those 3 porcelain crabs are the only thing I've lost at all.

Do you feel I would need to up my feeding? I'm not really crazy about feeding more - tank is staying pretty clean and nitrates are testing 2-5ppm routinely.

If I were to get a gorgonian, what is the easiest / hardiest available?

Same questions regarding a sponge. I think this pink stuff that looks like... wax was melted onto the rock, almost? I think its a sponge. If it is, then this pink sponge that came on the rock has receded significantly on the tops of the rock - I think this is because of the intensity of the light, because it is still going strong under an overhang. Also, would a gorgonian or a sponge be hardier given what I am describing here?

06/24/2016, 12:43 PM
Sponge do not do well in any tank, don't waste your time or money on them. Buy gorgonians from Richard as he ships them submerged in water and not all vendors do so. Most of them are fairly hardy, just check that that you know if the gorgonian(s) you get are photosynthetic or not so you know where to place them. Richard sells great sea whips as well.