View Full Version : Nyos quantum 160 with ozone.

07/01/2016, 07:10 AM
I've always lurked looking at tank builds and thinking of the possibility to have a awesome tank and I finally broke down and started getting my materials together to make it happen. I have a 45gallon with some clowns and and a few pieces of coral nothing special just something to look at that I'm in the process of revamping. I rebuilt a cabinet, hood and 20g sump with refugium to add. Spec'ed the cabinet to fit all my new toys like quantum 160 and dosing pumps etc..... The question is running ozone with quantum I've never run ozone before and I cannot find anything on the Google about running a Nyos with ozone other than it can. I'm just looking for a benefit vs whatever answer. Whether it would be worth it on a 45gl or not. Before any asks yes I know the 160 is overkill for 45 but I plan on going bigger in the future if I can keep a great tank first.

07/04/2016, 08:21 AM
looking at my 220, you would probably have to get an ozone compatible "t" and put it inline after your air silencer. Use an air pump to push the ozone into the skimmers inlet... you probably could hook it directly into the silencer, but I like the "t" as it then doesn't restrict the amount of air draw the skimmer will have