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07/02/2016, 10:20 AM
This is a copy of my post in the DYI forum and since my RO/DI system is one of yours someone said you folks might have an answer:

I am trying to decide on placement of my RO/DI system. I know, from my wife's input (or possible order), that the water station will be in the garage. The question is how to supply the station. I have a few options I am mulling over and hoping for some input on the best route to go.

1) RO/DI installed in the laundry room and the clean water run into the attic and over to the water station in the garage.
2) RO/DI installed in the garage and water pulled off the water softener and then waste run into the attic and to the laundry room drain.
3) RO/DI set up in the garage with water pulled off the water softener and waste run to the drain line of the water softener (the softener drain is run to a copper pipe the feeds up into the attic and down to the laundry room and drains at the washing machine drain)

I'm not thrilled with option 1 or 2 as having extra water lines in the attic is begging Murphy to come calling. Our house backs up onto some open range/state land so critters are common. And while we have only had one mouse enter the house I am pretty sure a brand spanking new water line would call to them like the Pied Piper. But if I was going to pick one of these I would probably go with 1 as there is less clean water running through the tube if there does end up being a leak. With option 3 I am not sure if I can use the water softener drain line or if it would simply back up into the softener and flood the garage, or foul that system. Anyone know?

I was also told I should verify which water line to use. I thought I had read to use the soft water coming out of the softener but one of the replies I go thought I might want to use water before the softener. With options 2 and 3 since I am pulling water at the softener either is easy enough. With option 1 I would split at the washing machine bib so that would be soft water.

Buckeye Hydro
07/03/2016, 10:14 AM
Bob - lots of options here - you might want to call in...