View Full Version : Sex ID & Shell

07/02/2016, 12:03 PM
Male or female, this is the only picture I can get and I'm having a hard time locating the male genitalia on the third leg.

Lastly, is the spot on the rear third of the abdomen shell rot?

Thanks in advance and Happy (pre) Independence Day to my fellow Americans!

07/02/2016, 10:13 PM
The picture is not the best angle for determining the gender, you need to see the animal from beneath and look for two "sticks."

Since that is a G. Smithii, I would say it is probably not shell rot because to my knowledge they don't usually contract that particular disease. It might be damage from an encounter with a predator or another mantis shrimp. Or it could be some other type of disease, but shell rot specifically affects O. Scyllarus and some large Gonodactylids like G. Chiragra or G. Ternatensis.