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07/05/2016, 07:45 PM
Hi all,

This is a unique situation, if the mods think this belongs in a different category or it's somehow prohibited, please let me know.

I'm an RN in Philly but I'll be traveling across the country for the next year. I've had my Elegance and hosting false perc clown together in a 14 gallon BioCube for the last 10 plus years. As I am sure you are all aware it is very difficult nowadays to keep an elegance alive in captivity for any length of time so this is a gift to get this for "free."

I need someone to watch over these two while I'm away. It can be in a community tank or their own, your choice. My friend was going to take them but i had a surge that destroyed by biocube and I can't pay to fix it so I'm hoping someone will house them in their tank.

The fragging part:

A couple months ago a rock fell on the elegance in the center. The good thing is the tissue also died in the center creating 2 lobes, meaning this Coral can now be fragged through just the skeleton. If you know anything about fragging this Coral, it survives much better with minimal trauma to the tissue. All that work is done for us. :bounce1:

I'm in Philly, I'll bring them to you. I have a sentimental attachment so I'd really love to see them go to a good home. Elegance is alot the size of my palm, clown only 2" or so.

Here's a snapshot from today.

07/05/2016, 07:48 PM