View Full Version : Spectrapure Dual add on DI Question

07/08/2016, 12:00 PM
I recently got rid of 2 cheap inline DI cartridges on my RO/DI unit and added a Spectrapure MaxCap® D2 Dual-Stage DI System Add-On w/ SuperDI Cartridges - MC-DI-2-10HC. In following the instructions and properly flushing each stage and running the unit, I noticed that the second canister (Silica Buster) never quite fills up all the way. The water level is 1/3 of the way up the canister with water trickling down the sides inside the canister. The first canister (Super DI) is filled all the way. Both sides are reading 0 on the inline TDS meter and the product water is reading 0 on my temperature compensated handheld TDS meter. Is this water level in the Silica Buster canister normal? My big concern is that if the canister is not filled up all the way, will there be risk of drying out the SilicaBuster cartridge when the unit is not in use and ruining it? I already have an email out to Spectrapure but figured I'd ask here on the sponsor forum as well. I appreciate any help that anyone may be able to provide.

07/08/2016, 05:37 PM
This is normal with a new system, or when replacing the filters. While the system is running open that last canister a little bit to bleed out the air. As soon as the water reached the top tighten it by hand.

Either way it wont hurt the DI cartridge. The air will eventually escape.