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07/10/2016, 08:09 AM
I wanted to post my experience with Scott. I had an issue with my BK Supermarin, actually with the RD 1500 pump. After many years of continuous service (and my poor maintenance habits) the pump stopped working. Scott worked with me to diagnose the problem and exhausted all potential solutions before declaring the pump officially dead. We traded some 6-8 emails in which he not only provided detailed instructions but links to the documents and always promptly responding.

Thanks Scott for your help and my order has been placed for a new RD3 Speedy.

07/10/2016, 08:44 AM
Glad to help! Funny but I just replied to your email before seeing this! The positive feedback is much appreciated!

You will LOVE that new pump. When you get that RD3, I would suggest a setting between 28 and 32 watts. For the 200 sized skimmers, that seems to be the sweet spot in terms of air and contact time that will result in the most dense foam. Every tank is different in terms of DOC's, salinity, temps etc so you just need to play with the speed a bit to find the speed that makes the most dense foam for your enviornment. Too much speed will result in bubbles that pop at the surface instead of making nice dense foam. You may need to raise the sump level a tad or close the wedge pipe a some. The older Supermarin 200's have a slightly larger neck diameter which at the lower flow rates can result in lower levels inside the skimmer. Those speed settings above will result in increased contact time with nice dense foam and efficient DOC removal in that sized skimmer. You can always run the pump at a higher speed but the linear foam production of the RD3 and increased contact time will result in a more balanced skimmer with the new pump and your power consumption will drop by half or more.

I run that same pump on my Supermarin 250 and I love the fact that you can really fine tune the skimmer by the push of a button without having to reach in and turn the nozzle on the volute (then wait for the skimmer to settle back down) to fine tune the foam density. The really small incremental adjustments on the RD3 make it a dream to tune.