View Full Version : Nitrates

07/11/2016, 04:31 PM
i have followed directions and asked a ton of questions on here. I'm not understanding why after 8 weeks I still have nitrates. Started using the pro bio s and np pro over a month ago. Started with half dosage which did nothing. I'm up to full dosage which is 11 drops and it's not doing anything. What gives or am I doing something wrong?

07/12/2016, 03:59 AM
Let's start by giving some details about the tank, size, new or conversion, how much rock, live or dead, bioload, type of skimmer and size, AF products used at what frequency. The key to understand is that these products will enhance solid husbandry, but will not replace husbandry itself. Your tank processes nutrients, the use of Probiotics simply help the tank and skimmer to become more efficient at doing so. So please provide details, the more specific the better we can help:) Cheers