View Full Version : Simple Stand Ideas for Odd Dimension Tank

07/13/2016, 02:30 PM
I acquired a tank yesterday that has some weird (but awesome)dimensions and I'm trying to find a simple stand solution. I'm not good at working with wood and I don't weld, so options are limited. The dimensions are 67" long, 17" wide, and 12" tall. This calculates to almost exactly 60 gallons.

The previous owner claims it was built to sit on top of a standard sized six drawer long dresser, but I'm concerned about putting that much weight on a dresser. However, it would be the simplest and (knowing my fabrication skills) best looking solution I've thought of. I'm leaning towards putting the sump in the basement, so not too concerned about space in the bottom of the stand.

Would a well built dresser be able to safely hold 600-ish pounds long term?

Anybody have any other creative suggestions that won't break the bank and will look good?

Ron Reefman
07/13/2016, 05:24 PM
It might, but I wouldn't trust it long term.

Have somebody build you a stand. I've done several for members in my local aquarium club. Your just a bit too far away though.:beer:

07/13/2016, 05:59 PM
Exactly what he said. A simple 2x stand will work great.

07/14/2016, 03:01 PM
That's what I was afraid of. I guess I could make a second attempt at building a stand. First one worked, but it sure wasn't pretty.

My "local" aquarium club meets monthly, but it's an hour away from here so I haven't become involved. Maybe I'll check out if the LFS knows of anyone in the area that builds them.

07/14/2016, 11:30 PM
Check out Rocket Engineer's plans for a DIY set of plans that are very easy to build.