View Full Version : My clam is semi-dead??

07/18/2016, 08:44 AM
Yesterday I come home to find the 5" Maxima gaping open with its tongue retracted. O-oh, the clam died. I reach in with turkey baster to tap it and it does not budge, it remains open. I reach in with my arm to remove it and as I am lifting and nearing the surface the clam clamps. -IT'S ALIVE!!!!
I put it back in its spot and since then it opened but with the mantle still retracted.
Is it dying or does it reach some catatonic "stoned stiff" mode???

Pictures from last week:



07/18/2016, 09:29 AM
Clam problems are hard to diagnose. Looks like you have plenty of nutrients judging by your picture. Once they start going, unfortunately they go really fast usually with little warning. Was the clam gapping? About all you can do is a water change, run some GAC and check the clam for pests such as pyramid snails or polyclad flat worms. Both are easiest to find at night with red light. If you suspect a polyclad you can dip the clam in prazi and/or set a trap for the pest. Prymaid snails will need to be activity removed or add a halichoeres wrasse.

How long have you had it and has it been growing? Parameters?

07/18/2016, 03:34 PM
Had it for 4 months Ns at 0, Ph at 0, weekly WC. Excellent environment.. . . You'd think . . .

07/20/2016, 08:21 AM
And then, she was gone. Partially open, mantle retracted.
I reached in to remove it. This time it did not clamp shut.
It did smell fishy but not offensively.
What made her unhappy or diseased, I'll never know.
All clams go to heaven.

07/20/2016, 09:38 AM
I had the same thing happen to one of my clams recently. Could not tell what it was initially until I pulled it out and looked under a fleshy part of skin underneath the clam and there was 4 large pyramid snails. I removed them but it died a few days later. I think it was stressed beyond a point and no matter what it was too late.

08/03/2016, 05:34 AM
Judging from the pic, the maxima is/was dying from Protozoa. Is your maxima from polynesian area. I was told by one of the dealers in the east years ago it is very common disease for clams from the region. The first indication is partial mantle retraction. Mine was left lower mantle. The healthy clam is usually opens wide under good light system all day. Then it closes all night. However if a clam has the disease, it doesn't open but it opens more during night hours for some reasons. If you cast led flash light during night, the clam reacts the light. Since A healthy clam closes its mantle tight and is sleeping night, it won't react with flash light. With the nasty Protozoa, any clam would die very quickly. i observed partial retraction one day. Next day all of the mantle dropped inside the shell.