View Full Version : Np pro and pro bio s needed?

07/19/2016, 06:31 PM
If I am not having a issue keeping po4 and no3 at ultra low, do I need to use NP pro and pro bio s?

07/20/2016, 06:20 AM
If you wish to run a probiotic based system, then yes, this is how it works. This process takes time for your tank and inhabitants to get used to, that said, these two products are the driving force behind the program. The system will keep you low, yes, but we want to give the animals in the tank as much nutrition as we can, so not focusing on N&P test results, and focusing on animal health is the gist. If you are very low in nutrients, that means either your skimmer is well over-rated, or you are feeding little with a low bio-load. We have been conditioned to believe that having stripped water, free of N&P is what corals and fish prefer, and yes they do, assuming they have an ample supply of nutrients. The AF supplements provide that nutrition, as does feeding multiple times per day to your fish, this all becomes food source for corals. So if you were to up your feedings to fish, and begin use of coral supplements, your nutrients will go up, that is why you want to use the Probiotics of the system. Now, you may not need the full dose to maintain these levels, but at some point as your corals and fish grow, you will, so the control is in the hands of the user....YOU :) Cheers