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07/23/2016, 04:27 AM
My worries are I've had this clam for 3 years now,its been good all this time but in the last week I've had to try kill some manjo anemone which have been gradually building up on the outer shell for a while last week i injected lemon juice into the anemone to try to kill them with no avail?since then my clam has been very grumpy and not extended its mantle i have removed it from the rock it was attached carefully with a blade.It still has some movement but very little which says to me it's weak,the foot is dark in colour and only opens up a fraction ,my question is is it a gonna?can i save it?I've been reading about fresh water dips
With temperature same as my tank and p.h also is this a good idea while it is weak?my parameters are as follows p.h 8.4 cal 460 m.g 1380 d.k.h 8.1 salinity 1.025 nitrate 0.25 phosphate 0 temp 24.8 ammonia 0 all testing with red sea triton kits.http://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/20160723/608136e232b4f1cab5f49223c7da2c2c.jpgdo i have a chance?thanks for your help 🖒

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07/23/2016, 08:11 AM
The lemon juice might have affected the clam somehow. I'm no expert though. Freshwater dips are a no for me but Im not sure about what others think. I'd say you maybe have a chance. Someone correct me if I'm wrong

Also the fungia looks great ;)

07/23/2016, 05:57 PM
I don't think a dip will help any. More stress may be too much for it. The foot may have been damaged more than you think and it is a "wait and see" if the clam heals and opens again. Hopefully the clam was returned to the same rock where he was comfortable with the flow & lighting. This will help. Good luck.

08/03/2016, 06:03 AM
This Polynesian clam needs strong light and much more nutrients than other giant clams. It could survive and actually do better around nitrate 20ppm. Therefore it won't do too well in average reef tank, especially sps tank. Many people in ca claim they have good luck with this beautiful Polynesian maxima in fish only tank!