View Full Version : PhosGuard / Treatment / Hospital Tank

07/25/2016, 09:51 AM
OK folks, so irrespective of the PhosGuard argument, I changed out my carbon reactor which I used PhosGuard in and once before before no issues. I just changed it out last Wednesday again and either I did not rinse the PhoseGuard well enough or used too much (both a true I believe) and lost one of my two clowns (two fish tank). The second clown was showing no effects but now is, swimming in place, looking at a spot on a single rock and breathing rapidly. He will look like he wants to feed but does not feed much at all in the end.

My parameters are right in-line, nothing off. ALL corals also retreated with the Phosguard exposed (aluminum). The impact took a solid 48 hours to show true and then more time for me to pindown the culprit which was easy seeing how NOTHING else changed. So I lost the first clown and then did a 40% water change. Immediately all corals came back to full bloom and continue to be so. However, the clown is going downhill. I have another large water change planned for today but dont think that will help the clown much if/it being an aluminum uptake issue.

I really hat to see the little guy not feeling well but am afraid if Aluminum is in his system it is not something that can be medicated out, unless there is a fish size chelation system out there with tiny IV tubes.

Does anyone have any suggestion on how to make this little guy feel better? Hospital tank? medication?

I dont want to argue over the PhosGuard issue, it was the culprit and it was my fault for not rinsing well enough (which they dont say on the bottle, they only say heat and recommend rinsing) and I used too much, which was too much of a very bad thing. I thought it was GFO, its not. But I dont want to argue that, what happened is my whole tank nearly collapsed and if there is anything I can do for fish and aluminum I want to try to do it. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.