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08/01/2016, 01:56 PM
I am wanting to set up a renew system in my garage. Does anyone know if this system can be used from that far away. I will run the lines up to the attic, over about 20 feet and then down to the tank...

Thanks in advance.


08/01/2016, 06:14 PM
Hi SC,

I tried to respond to your email last week but I think the message must have made its way into your spam folder!

Anyway, good to hear from you here. Below is what I had sent in my previous email. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

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Good afternoon SC,

It wouldn't be a major problem to run the lines 20' from your garage to the RENEW™, as it would just require larger pumps for the extra head pressure and some extension harnesses. However, there would be a problem with running it through the attic and back down to your RENEW™ Metering Reservoirs under your tank since the Metering Reservoirs drain via gravity. I siphon would be started and you'd end up with a big mess on the floor. Bad stuff!

If you are able to mount the Metering Reservoirs in your attic, that would resolve that problem, but that would also make them difficult to access. They usually don't require much access, but it might complicate initial setup and cause frustration if an issue ever did arise where troubleshooting was necessary. I might also suggest installing a drip pan under the Metering Reservoirs just in case there was an overflow; the Metering Reservoirs are intentionally not hermetically sealed, and if the flow rate is too high there could be a small amount of water that would end up staining your ceiling. Once dialed in, after initial setup that really shouldn't be a problem, but I always prefer to be safe than sorry!

I am aware of a couple customers who have installed the Metering Reservoirs in the attic, and they worked just fine in the temperature extremes for those customers. One customer built an insulated box around the Metering Reservoirs since he lives in southern Florida, and I think that was a pretty good idea to keep the temperature closer to the cooler interior house temp rather than the attic temperature. One more tip to deal with the extended horizontal run: mount the Metering Reservoirs high enough that all of the tubes have a pretty good downhill slope to prevent low spots in the tubing will water collect, as that can cause air dams that prevent proper operation of the RENEW™. It also helps the Metering Reservoirs drain as quickly as possible. Plus, if water gets trapped in the tubes and you live in a cold climate, it could freeze and prevent improper operation or even a nasty mess. Your IP address indicates you're somewhere near Waco, TX, but I know you experience some cold weather there at times too!

Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Best regards,