View Full Version : Fuge Algae ID Needed

08/01/2016, 09:26 PM
What's up guys? I needed some macroalgae for my Refugium, after searching the majority of LFS in my area one store had a small amount of Red Dragon's Tongue (I think?), and a teeny-tiny bit of Chaeto. It looks like theres also one other red algae mixed in, maybe Red Grape Caulerpa?

Am I correct in IDing them? Are they ok to have together? Any benefits of having more of one vice another?


08/02/2016, 04:18 AM
You have at least two red macros and one or two green.

Gracilaria Hayi seems to be your largest mass. If it feels somewhat calcified, it is Hayi. It looks like you also have a small piece of Red Grapes (Bortocladia).

Chaetomorphy is your green stuff.