View Full Version : 40 gallon long frag tank

08/03/2016, 02:59 PM
Starting to gather pieces for a 40 gallon long frag tank.

I've found a tank on craigslist that used to house an Axolotl. But, I'm concerned that there may be some incompatibility in keeping corals in a tank that used to house an amphibian (could very well be wrong. any input is appreciated). I just don't want to get it all going simply to find out that the tank is no good because of what it used to house.

Is there any advice on what I may need to look into to get this thing going? I'm wanting to do SPS, LPS, and some zoos. I may attempt to drill the tank and add a small, 10 gallon sump as a refugium, but I don't feel like that would be worth the effort and cost. I'm thinking that a hang on back, a couple of power heads, and some chinese LEDs would do the trick for a basic propagation set up.

Input is welcomed and well received. I've never set up a tank before for the sole purpose of coral propagation.

08/10/2016, 08:54 AM
My current 40gB frag tank was a used tank($5 at a garage sale) that had a lizard of some sort in it. Just make sure that the silicone inside is all good. I had to scrape out the silicone in mine and redo it since it looked like the lizards spent all its time clawing at it. I just went to grainger and bought some Momentive RTV108 silicone(it doesn't turn yellow and is better than GE type 1 which would work too) Also make sure to give it a good vinegar bath to make sure its disinfected.
I drilled mine out and put a 20g sump under it since you can get the glass hole saw and bulk head on Amazon for a few dollars a piece. But I also had an old pump sitting around even though Im sure you could find one for cheap if you wanted. I like having my skimmer and ATO out of the tank, plus I put all my live rock in the sump as well. And a little extra water volume is always a good thing.
Everything else you mentioned would work I am sure. I have no experience with a Chinese LEDs but I also run a DIY LED fixture over mine and all is well so far.