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fishy luver
08/04/2016, 11:51 AM
I was just handed down a 475 gallon costom aquarium and I am trying to decide what corals and fish I want to add. The tank has been cycled and ready with a couple gobies and chromis fish for about five months.
I was thinking of adding some more gobies, some dartfish, a school of peaceful anthias, some basslets, four clownfish, two or three blennies, and five or six cardinalfish. I havent worked out the exact numbers yet. as for corals I was thinking about a favia brain coral, acropora color-tip, acropora blue, a few leather, and a few soft corals. As inverts go I have an established clean-up crew and I was thinking of adding two hawaiian feather dusters, a chocolate chip starfish, a black and banded longspine sea urchin, and some orange lace sponge.

Are these animals compadible? thanks in advance

08/04/2016, 02:35 PM
Best bet is to get some books and read up on the needs and behaviours of the different fish and inverts, e.g. chocolate chip starfish can eat corals. There are also some web sites you can do a search for with a bit of info, but most of them are shops trying to sell you stuff so you have to be careful.