View Full Version : Texas Coral Fest VIP this weekend

08/05/2016, 09:12 AM
Should be a great time. The last one a few months ago was packed and there was a ton of awesome corals. Always great to see and talk to Steve Tyree. It will be hot so be sure to bring a BIG cooler for all the coral you will buy.

11am to 5pm
Atrium Hotel and Suites
4600 W Airport Fwy, Irving, Texas 75062

Here is the vendor lineup:

Fritz Aquatics
Jason Fox
Two Guys Corals aka RR Asia/Canada
Reef Farmers aka Steve Tyree
Fraghouse Corals
Zoanthids. com
BSA Corals
Corals Anonymous
Unlimited Color Corals ...
Zen Reef
Nice Rack
Ocean Ave
ARK Aquatics
Custom Reefs
Jason X
Front Line Pro Aquarics
River City Aquatics
Phamily Farm
World Class Aquatics
Select Corals