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08/05/2016, 12:07 PM
Greetings TBS fans,

I've had a saltwater tank for about 6 years. I started off with a 46 gallon bow front tank with rock from my LFS and Cichlid sand from my freshwater days. About a year ago I got a great deal on a 75 gallon tank and have been building it from the ground up all year long. Over the last few weeks I've torn down the 46 and got the new tank in place and running. I discarded the sand, but kept about 90% of the live rock. After seeing all the accolades of TBS I decided long ago to use TBS rock and sand in my new tank.

Below is a pic of the tank as it stands today, bare bottom with a pile of live rock on one side. Today Part 1 of the (modified) Package makes its way to Alaska via Seattle. I'll pick it up first thing tomorrow morning! I say the Package is modified because I didn't need the full amount of live rock. I'm getting just 50 lbs, enough to make another mound on the other side of the tank. Most likely Part 2 will come next Saturday.

I am very excited to see what's in store for me!!

https://c6.staticflickr.com/8/7499/28659485861_d4389dc53e_b.jpg (https://flic.kr/p/KExmEz)

08/05/2016, 03:25 PM
That's a nice looking setup, cant wait to see what kind of goodies they send you in "the package". Fingers crossed for another epic octopus hitchhiker thread!

08/06/2016, 03:41 PM
Great day to make the hour drive into Anchorage for Part 1. This the final 50 miles of its 4,000 mile journey from Clearwater to my tank!

More to come... http://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/20160806/e6d9118a87e4e3c21a894ad9f4d9943f.jpghttp://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/20160806/163482af4dbe56ac488696b5601befd1.jpg

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08/06/2016, 09:23 PM
Part 1 is in the tank!

3 boxes: two with sand, and one with rocks. In the sand were a few cool hitchhikers. A quarter-sized porcelain crab, a goby, and a handful of snails and hermits. With the rocks were a few teensy tiny crabs- looked to be gorilla and stone crabs. Heard a POP in the tote and found a little pistol shrimp.

Here's a neat little star fish:

Waiting for the water to clear up.


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08/07/2016, 10:19 AM
Looking good!

08/07/2016, 10:37 AM
I absolutely love the shapes of the 2.1 rocks Richard sent me. There's one arch shape that will be fun to work into the aquascape.

This morning's pic from my iPad (I'll get some with my good camera after church today).


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08/07/2016, 03:56 PM
More from today. Rock from my original 46 gal on the left, new TBS rock on the right.




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08/07/2016, 04:00 PM
Their sand looks chunky, how does it hold up to high flow?

08/12/2016, 04:40 PM
Their sand looks chunky, how does it hold up to high flow?

I turned my Gyre 130 up to max blast/ hardly any movement al all on the sand.

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08/12/2016, 04:41 PM
Part 2 is on its way!!

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08/14/2016, 08:37 PM
Here we go...

Part 2 is in the tank!

https://c3.staticflickr.com/9/8723/28957811106_c28297aef3_b.jpg (https://flic.kr/p/L7Umnh)

https://c5.staticflickr.com/9/8825/28885178412_c14fa83a1d_b.jpg (https://flic.kr/p/L1u6cs)

https://c1.staticflickr.com/9/8770/28885180112_860458fcb2_b.jpg (https://flic.kr/p/L1u6GL)

https://c7.staticflickr.com/9/8676/28885182982_a875c50046_b.jpg (https://flic.kr/p/L1u7yf)

https://c3.staticflickr.com/9/8208/28885184002_4019fb9a5a_b.jpg (https://flic.kr/p/L1u7RQ)

https://c4.staticflickr.com/9/8582/28914163491_a56ee1bdaf_b.jpg (https://flic.kr/p/L43Dsc)

https://c8.staticflickr.com/9/8509/28914164671_04d53a641d_b.jpg (https://flic.kr/p/L43DNx)

https://c4.staticflickr.com/9/8423/28914166851_f1e1340e9f_b.jpg (https://flic.kr/p/L43Es8)

https://c4.staticflickr.com/9/8878/28914169651_ac137f013b_b.jpg (https://flic.kr/p/L43Fhp)

08/14/2016, 08:39 PM
From this...

https://c6.staticflickr.com/8/7499/28659485861_d4389dc53e_b.jpg (https://flic.kr/p/KExmEz)

To this....

https://c3.staticflickr.com/9/8723/28957811106_c28297aef3_b.jpg (https://flic.kr/p/L7Umnh)

In TWO weeks!!!

Thank you Richard! :rollface:

08/15/2016, 06:24 PM
Beautiful!!!, keep us posted with more pics.

08/17/2016, 10:58 AM
Looks amazing!

08/17/2016, 01:12 PM
Thanks! Now, I just have to keep it all alive!

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08/19/2016, 03:30 PM
I bought a four pack of Benggai Cardinals who have done a great job of getting my TBS Royal Gramma to come out.

https://c8.staticflickr.com/9/8380/28476362663_2c93efb568_b.jpg (https://flic.kr/p/KomNw4)

Everything is doing well!

08/24/2016, 02:07 PM
Love it! Royal gammas are so cute

08/26/2016, 11:40 AM
Looking good. Was the drive 4 hours one way?

08/26/2016, 01:06 PM
Looking good. Was the drive 4 hours one way?

No, just an hour. :)

08/29/2016, 06:38 PM
I just found this little guy cruising around my TBS rock.


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08/29/2016, 09:16 PM
Very cool, more pics please.

09/08/2016, 09:25 AM
These little guys keep showing up.... I've seen 4 or 5 so far.



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09/10/2016, 07:26 AM
Your tank looks fantastic!

I lived in Wasilla for 5 years before moving to Sarasota FL almost 2 years ago.
We miss the beauty of Alaska but not the long winters. May get some property in the Kenai for snowbird living.

09/12/2016, 06:45 AM
That tank looks great, nice job!

09/12/2016, 09:53 AM
Thanks everyone!

My aquarium has gone from a 46 gallon 'thing' in the corner to a real show piece!

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01/15/2017, 06:48 PM
Tank Update.

August 14:
https://c1.staticflickr.com/9/8723/28957811106_c28297aef3_b.jpg (https://flic.kr/p/L7Umnh)DSC05089 (https://flic.kr/p/L7Umnh) by benapilot (https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/), on Flickr

Today, Jan 15:
https://c1.staticflickr.com/1/651/31959035640_09791f465c_b.jpg (https://flic.kr/p/QG7pRS)DSC06030 (https://flic.kr/p/QG7pRS) by benapilot (https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/), on Flickr

I in the last 5 months since putting my TBS Saltwater package in...
--I've lost the yellow ball sponge
--The tall red sponge has almost withered away
--Found rogue gorilla crabs (skewered one, the other is still at large)
--The red "scrunchy" sponge on the right is withering away
--The big red sea fan gorgonian died in the last few weeks
++I can still locate one of the two red scallops alive and well
++About a dozen black spiny urchins showed up and have been cruising around the tank
++Hermits and snails are all still cruising around everywhere
++I see more porcelain crabs today than I saw in the beginning
++Big orange sponge still looks great
++Big brown and silver Gorgonians are doing well (in today's picture, the silver one looks smaller.. it's not- it's just tucked in behind the rock pile more).

Tank maintenance:
1 gallon water change daily
Dose Sponge Power almost daily
Broadcast feed BRS Reef Chili about once a week
Carbon and GFO reactors run 24/7
ATO comes in through a Kalk stirrer
NLS pellets fed to fish twice a day via auto feeder

I had zero ammonia when I added my TBS rock and sand. My nitrates have been hovering in the 7-10 ppm range for the entire time.

Despite some of the losses, NO REGRETS in getting TBS rock and sand!!

01/15/2017, 09:05 PM
Thank you Chris for the update!

01/17/2017, 04:46 PM
Looking good and thanks for the update. Must be nice to view it in the long winter.