View Full Version : Need help with mushrooms

08/05/2016, 02:24 PM
So I have a large amount of mushroom colonies in my 180 gallon, I have many different kinds.. and over the last few weeks almost all have shriveled to hardly nothing and some of the bigger ones have detached from the rockwork and are laying on the sandbed.

ive done multiple water changes and nothing has changed. does anyone have information on what might be causing this?

08/05/2016, 06:47 PM
Please provide
-Tank params
-Lighting for shrooms

08/05/2016, 08:12 PM
how long have you had the shrooms. what was the last change to your tank?

08/05/2016, 09:09 PM
Had the shrooms since April and they are under 3 OR T247s the last change was switching from gfo to carbon but don't think that's what's causing it.

Last time I check parameters they were 1.023, ammonia 0, nitrite 0, nitrate 10, temp 78, po4 0.10.