View Full Version : K1 kalk stirrer with Paristaltic pump question and help!!!

carlos danger
08/05/2016, 04:58 PM
Hi. I just bought your peristaltic pump along with your K1 stirrer. I was wondering what the best way to use the pump with the stirrer is. I know it is not a continuous pump. How many times per day is it ok to turn this on and off. I am hoping to dose 1.6 gallons of kalkwasser to my tank over 16 hours. I could have the pump run for 15 minutes every hour for the 16 hours, but is this ok for the pump? And I don't really want to do this long of a duration. I would prefer to dose for between 1-5 minutes more frequently so as to avoid any spikes. I'm not sure how many times is ok for the pump to go on and off throughout the day. I don't want to burn the pump up? What do you think? I plan on programming it through my Apex Aquacontroller.


carlos danger
08/05/2016, 10:09 PM
Is anyone out there? Anyone? Its Friday night. Everyone must be at the theater watching Finding Dory!:sad1:

carlos danger
08/05/2016, 10:17 PM
I just read three pages deep and think I found my answer. I guess its rated at continuous duty so it doesn't matter how long or frequently the pump is turned on. I think I'll run it for 4 minutes-4 times an hour for 15 hours.
Thanks everyone for being so patient with me.:thumbsup:

Avast Marine
08/06/2016, 06:55 AM